Amethyst Infused Crystal Candle

Amethyst Infused Crystal Candle

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A calming blend of lavender infused with amethyst.

Healing with Amethyst

Amethyst is a natural tranquiliser
Relieves stress and strain
Soothes irritability
Balances mood swings
Dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety.
Alleviates sadness and grief, and dissolves negativity.
Activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities.

Our candles are hand-poured in small batches in Gold Coast Australia. Every detail of our products is hand-made with love and passion.

Our candles are made with 100% natural soy coconut wax, premium cotton wicks and Australia made fragrances.

Up to 50+ hours burn time.

Australian Made Candles / Hand poured Coco Soy Candle / Small Batch / Family Owned / Hand Labelled and Packaged / 50+ Hours Burn Time